SMMP 2019

If the 2019 election had been held with Simple MMP rather than First Past the Post, there would be no talk of regional differences today. Under FPTP, the Liberals received 42 seats more than they deserved, the Conservatives 7 seats more, and the Bloc Quebecois 6 more. The NDP deserves 31 more seats, the Greens 20 more seats, and perhaps surprisingly, the Peoples Party deserves 4 seats.

In terms of total numbers, the Liberals edge out the Conservatives by one seat. This result is much more reflective of the popular vote for the two parties. The Liberals plus the NDP would be exactly 170 seats. However, there are many other ways to get the 170 votes needed to pass legislation given the rich mixture of MPs available under PR.

If we were to look at Alberta, for example, we would find that there are 5 Liberal MPs, 4 NDP, 1 Green and 1 Peoples Party MP. Clearly, this is what the people of Alberta wanted when they cast their votes. Alberta would be represented in the government, and would have a stronger voice in the future of the province and the country. A similiar situation exists in Saskatchewan, which would have 2 Liberal and 3 NDP MPs.

On the east coast, Conservatives would find themselves represented in Newfoundland and Labradour (2 MPs), PEI (1 MP), and three MPs in each of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The NDP and the Greens would also have more representation reflecting the choices of the voters.

The largest swings occur, of course, in the largest provinces. In Quebec, the Bloc would lose 6 seats and the Liberals would lose 8 seats. These would be picked up by the NDP (7), the Green party (4), the Conservatives (2) and Peoples Party (1). In Ontario, the Liberals would lose 29 seats in favour of the same 4 parties. Again, this is what people voted for.

Seat allocation based on proportional results:

LIB 2 11 5 2 4 50 27 4 5 2 3 115
CON 15 23 9 6 40 12 3 3 1 2 114
NDP 1 10 4 3 3 21 8 1 2 2 55
BQ 26 26
GRN 5 1 1 8 4 2 1 1 23
PP 1 2 1 4
IND 1 1
Total 3 42 34 14 14 121 78 10 11 4 7 338

In conclusion, this shows the clear evidence that Parliament could better reflect the intentions of voters through implementation of PR. Also, it clearly shows that the reason that we do not have proportional representation of any kind is that the Liberals and the Conservatives would lose some seats. These two parties have a duopoly which has governed Canada since Confederation, and they do not want to see a system that will undermine their lock on power, even if means cheating the people of Canada.

As Canadians, we need to demand more respect from our politicians. Demand PR. Make every vote count.