What Can You Do to Help?

There are lots of things you can do to help!!

  1. You can like our Facebook page (Facebook) and follow us on Twitter (Twitter).
  2. You can share our page with your friends and ask them what they think.
  3. You can use this website to encourage your friends to discuss the issues and become more informed.
  4. You can contact your local MP and let them know that you want proportional representation.
  5. You can contact the members of the Committee for Electoral Reform and let them know that you want Simple MMP.
  6. You can contact the Minister for Democratic Reform and express your support for Simple MMP.
  7. You can contact Fair Vote Canada, and assist with their efforts to help every Canadian become informed about electoral change.
  8. You can become involved with online groups dedicated to examining electoral reform in Canada.

Another site you can look at which has links and suggestions for action is changehowwevote.ca. It is a very useful and practical resource which focuses on the important need for proportional representation.

This is an issue that truly crosses party and provincial lines and affects Canadians at a deep level. I have voted for every major national party at one time or another, and my vote has never counted. Before I die, I would really like to participate in an election where my vote actually made some kind of difference. I hope you feel the same way.