Reporting the Results

One of the exciting aspects of Simple MMP is that election reporting is pretty much the same as it happens now.

We have all watched as the polls close first in Newfoundland and Labrador, and we begin to watch the number of leading and elected candidates. There are 7 ridings in Newfoundland and Labrador and we would see that there are 7 leading or elected candidates.

The networks use a statistical method to decide when someone leading turns into someone elected, which is a fancy way of saying that number 1 candidate’s lead is large enough that the number 2 candidate will not catch up.

Under Simple MMP, we would have the same reporting, although the networks might choose to report local races and top-up races separately.  As soon as the first poll results come in, we have an inkling of what the provincial party percentages might be. As more polls come in, this estimate becomes more refined until it is final.

One of the great features of our current electoral system is that we know the results within hours of the final polls closing.  This is a feature which I feel we need to preserve in any new system.

Simple MMP will still result in some interesting election night coverage!