MP Responsibilities

Under our existing system, we have one MP per riding. That MP is responsible for a number of things, including:

  1. Handling problems that come up for the people in their riding (constituency work)
  2. Discussing and voting on legislation in the House of Commons
  3. Working on committees and other working groups to establish policy recommendations

We are used to the idea that there is one MP per riding. In truth, it wouldn’t really matter if there were two MPs per riding, or five. Constituents would still have access to any and all of these MPs to assist them with their issues.

Under Simple MMP, every voter will have a local MP and they will have access to the top-up MP selected by the electoral process. For many people, they would prefer to work with an MP who represents the party they voted for, so the distribution of work between local and top-up MPs should roughly match. If one or more MPs finds that there is an excess amount of work, then they can work with other top-up MPs from their party to accomplish their constituency work.