Simple MMP is the Best System for Canada

Simple MMP is simply the best voting system for Canada at this point in history.  This is a big claim, and here’s why I believe it to be true:

  1. Simple MMP does not change the voting process for Canadians. No voter training is required.
  2. Simple MMP is transparent and easy to understand.
  3. Simple MMP allows same night reporting of election results, without changing the existing vote counting process.
  4. Simple MMP needs only minor adjustments to riding boundaries (representation order) since most new ridings are formed by combining two existing adjacent ridings.
  5. The ballot under Simple MMP looks exactly like existing ballots do.
  6. Independents can still be elected under Simple MMP as local MPs.
  7. Most top-up MPs in Simple MMP are selected from the pool of candidates that the public has voted for, so they have demonstrated that they have public support.
  8. The Top-up process operates fairly for all parties, large and small, under Simple MMP.
  9. Small parties have a much greater chance of attaining their first seat under Simple MMP than they would under the current system.
  10. Large parties benefit from not experiencing the dramatic swings between elections.
  11. Parliament will become more stable between elections, and will reflect incremental change.
  12. Canadians will know that every vote counts. Under Simple MMP they can SEE how it counts.
  13. Simple MMP meets all of the constitutional requirements for representation.
  14. Simple MMP achieves a near optimum proportional representation.
  15. Simple MMP achieves all of the goals of the electoral reform commission.
  16. Simple MMP would be a clear example of political leadership for the rest of the world.
  17. Simple MMP provides for the most proportionality possible while respecting the constitutional requirements of all regions.
  18. There is no “transfer” of my vote from one candidate to another, or from one party to another, just because my candidate or my party wasn’t popular enough.
  19. Simple MMP can be easily implemented prior to 2019 election.
  20. Simple. Voting.

Let’s show the world what we can do.