There have been many, many people who have worked on the issue of electoral reform for Canada and for the world. The Simple MMP model is based on the hard work of these people, including the Citizens Assemblies for Electoral Reform for British Columbia and Ontario. It is interesting to note that both citizen’s assemblies, after taking the time to research the issues and understand the problem, have recommended a more proportional solution.

The Law Commission submission for electoral reform is an excellent document which categorizes many types of proportional systems. They, too, recommend a more proportional solution. You can download the document here

I consider MMP to be the best class of systems that I have come across to ensure proportionality. I created the Simple MMP model by taking what I considered to be the best elements of the MMP systems that I studied. I then wrote software to simulate election scenarios and look at the impact of different systems on the proportional deficit.

I am not certain if the elements of the Simple MMP model have been put together in this particular way and published before, but if so, please let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due!


Jim Johnston