Finally ready to go public

It took much longer than I anticipated to put this website together. As many of you will have experienced, once you start a project like this, you find that there is always something else you can do, something else to add, wording to improve and facts to check.

At some point, however, it has to be declared “good enough”. Perhaps, “good enough” for now, as I expect there will be many changes in the days to come.

Also, unless people are invited to look at the site and see what is there, then all efforts are for nought. I promised myself that I would launch by the end of July, and today is the day!

Enough about me! This site outlines a proposal for a new voting system for Canada called Simple MMP. It is called “Simple” because the ballot does not change, the voting process doesn’t change and timely reporting of the results does not change. It achieves near optimum proportionality while guaranteeing local representation. It does not raise any constitutional issues, and it ensures that most MPs (over 98%) are selected by voters rather than from party lists.

This site also contains some comparisons of Simple MMP with our existing First Past the Post system, as well as several alternate proposed systems. Some of these systems have been simulated, and the results are sometimes surprising. For example, alternate vote (or ranked ballot) produces a result which is significantly less proportional than our current system (Alternate Vote). Also, you might be interested to see that randomly selecting winners in each riding (clearly, the worst possible system!) is not as bad as you might think in creating a proportional Parliament (Random simulation).

To get started, the main page is linked here.

Please comment below or email me with thoughts, ideas, and corrections.